Regular check-ups for you and your family are essential to good dental and overall health. Call us today to set up a cleaning and examination of your teeth. Catching dental problems early on with regular check-ups allows us to solve them before they permanently damage your health and become costly for your family.

Root canals

root-canalsRoot canals treats a disorder of the nerve of the tooth. It is necessary for infection caused by tooth decay, severe gum disease or a physical trauma damaging your teeth. We will carefully remove the diseased pulp and place a filling to restrengthen the tooth. This procedure allows us to keep the tooth from being removed. 


Upon examination of the decay in your teeth, we may have to give you or your family member a filling. We use high quality restorative materials for our fillings to restore the function and integrity of your teeth. Cavities are not the only reason why you would need a filling. A filling may also be required if the teeth is cracked or damaged from tooth biting, grinding or using your teeth open certain materials.




Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

We also perform specific oral surgery procedures, including wisdom teeth extraction. If upon examination of your teeth, we decide that more work is needed, we also know a wide network of oral surgeons we can refer you to so that you can get the care you need.

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